Choose to Work Closer to Home in Delhi’s Airpocalypse

by Ankit

Posted on 2015-12-24 13:02:16

I sat outside in a café in Cyber Hub, one of Gurgaon's premier mall destination when I was first told of my friend's failing health condition.

The air outside was thick with smog, and for those of us living here, this is nothing new; an annual tragedy which engulfs by the tiny 2.5 particulate matter, as they penetrate further into our lungs than other larger pollution particles - seriously increasing the prevalence of respiratory diseases.

While recent studies show the country's capital is 10 times more than the limit set by WHO. Among such terrifying figures, choosing to work closer to home offers a variety of benefits

  • Taking the Load Off the Environment

Choosing to work closer to home or in a virtual or shared office space has some evident environmental benefits. Personal transportation is known to account for about 20% of all greenhouse gases in Delhi. Working closer to home provides the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the planet.

  • Better Health

Did you know that 11.6% of the population of Delhi suffers from diabetes and over half the population of the city is undergoing treatment for hypertension?

There are enough studies out there that prove a shorter commute to work can significantly help professionals maintain their physical as well as mental health. Driving for long hours to and from work is often results in unfavourable blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, commuting during rush hours is also often associated with spikes one experiences in blood pressure levels.

  • Improved Quality of Life

Reducing your commute time is a great way to free up hours in your day to spend with your family and friends, and pursue hobbies that minimize stress levels. Take a walk in Lodhi Gardens, play golf or take your family out to dinner at the HauzKhas Village during your free time. With an enhanced work life balance, you are also able to be more productive at your work in the long run.
Finally, while you may feel like you are saving on rent, in reality all your money saved will go into hiring a driver, spending on gas and even on parking and toll. Also, there is the cost of maintaining a vehicle. Doing away with your 15 km round trip journey within Delhi to-and-from work can save you as much as INR 15,000 per month!