How a Co-working Space Can Actually help Save Money

by Ankit

Posted on 2015-12-24 13:02:21

With a whole new generation of entrepreneurs taking over the market, there is no longer a single formula to success. With the right combination of teamwork, innovation and hard work start-ups are able to grow, bring in revenue and land the best investors.

At some juncture, working out of coffee shops and garages will not suffice the needs of your business. On the other hand, taking on an office space in the Delhi NCR region comes with a lot of financial and administrative considerations. Wiggle around the conventional office rules to overcome budgetary concerns and rely on the availability of a host of shared offices or co-working spaces around Delhi.

  • Reduce the Cost of Leasing

The process of finding an office space in itself can prove to be an expensive endeavour. Before you know it, you are paying for the broker, the permits and city codes as well as a security deposit. Furthermore, there is little guarantee that the space will work for you. A shared office on the other hand allows you to pay a monthly fee or pay by the hour, without having to broker a deal and make any additional expenses.

  • Solving Logistical issues

Expenses of renting a space go beyond just paying the lease. You will need to pay for the internet and phone connections, buy or rent furniture, hire security and manage a host of other logistical issues that go with maintaining your own space. You will be able to find a shared space in Delhi that takes care of all these concerns and includes the management cost in your monthly fee. All you need to do is come into a secure work place, connect and focus on your core business.
Finally, whether you are a start-up or a freelancer you will find that every minute you save on the non-core business functions you will be able to invest towards your growth. Save time from haggling for the lease to getting in touch with vendors for your IT setup and spend your time working on the growth of your establishment.