Meeting Rooms

Want to pitch your next big idea to a potential VC? Asking them to meet you at a coffee shop in the closest 5-star hotel may not be the right way to set an impression on your future investors. With entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent professionals can browse through a database of meeting spaces in Gurgaon that are not only extremely well equipped and impressive looking, but also very affordable.

Pay-as-You-Go Meeting Rooms

Browse through a selection of meeting rooms in your area. These board meeting rooms in Gurgaon can be booked online on a per hour basis. This means that you needn’t incur any extra expenses over and beyond the facilities you use.

Meeting Rooms for All Needs

Whether you are meeting with a small team of 4 or are having an annual gathering of a larger group of business development managers from across the country, you will be able to find a meeting room that accommodates all your needs. With plenty of writing space, advanced audio visual infrastructure, stationary and other meeting room accessories, you can ensure high levels of productivity during your sessions.

Set an Impression

Whether you are a freelancer, an independent professional or an entrepreneur you want to make sure that your external or internal stakeholders leave the meeting with a positive impression of your work or start-up. Choose a meeting room with an impressive address and comprehensive infrastructure to make the best impression.

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